Everyone deserves a beautiful smile and at Stanley Dental Practice, general dentistry is the foundation of what we do. Whether you’d like a routine check up or need an emergency appointment, with our wide range of treatment options, you will always find our services to be the ideal option for all your dental needs. 

Listed below are some of our treatments: 

Emergency Dental Treatment 

If you are in pain or discomfort and need to see a dentist urgently, with our late night and weekend openings, our friendly reception team will ensure you are seen by a dentist as soon as possible at a time convenient to you. 
Our reception team are highly trained to help diagnose your concerns from your first phone call to the Practice to ensure the most suitable appointment is booked with the right Dentist and for the right amount of time. 
If you are one of our Denplan patients, you will also have access to a 24/7 dentist in any area you find yourself in and at any time so ask our Reception for further information on your next visit or call today to join. 

Check Ups 

Our dentists at Stanley Dental Practice, Kidderminster can repair teeth, but a regular dental check-up is the best way to prevent the need for invasive treatment – prevention is, after all, better than cure. 
It is important to attend regular dental examinations so we can identify and treat developing conditions early on and keep an eye on your general oral health. During routine check-ups we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and carry out oral cancer screening as standard. We recognise that it is extremely important to detect conditions and administer treatment early and advise that you attend a routine check-up every 3-6 months. This enables us to catch conditions early and treat them before you develop further symptoms. It will also save you suffering with tooth pain and discomfort and save you paying for complex treatment in the future. 
Our dentists will also take the time to understand your lifestyle, past treatments and procedures, and are able to talk through any concerns. We understand that a trip to the dentist can cause apprehension, so building a relationship of trust between our dentists and you can help calm nerves and put anxieties to rest. 

What are the benefits of regular check ups? 

Your oral health and smile is invaluable, and prevention is better than treatment further down the line. Regular check ups give your dentist the opportunity to halt any signs of gum disease or tooth decay and work with you to keep your smile fresh and bright, now and in the future. Check ups help to: 
Prevent gum disease and mouth cancer 
Maintain good oral health 
Prevent halitosis (bad breath) 
Retain your teeth 
Keep a whiter, brighter smile 

How often should I have a check up? 

Your dentist will advise on how often you should have your teeth checked as part of your oral care routine. This will depend on your individual needs. At Stanley Dental Practice, we will discuss the most suitable frequency for general check ups and work out a date and time that suits you. 

Dental Hygienist Services 

Here at Stanley Dental Practice, our dental hygienist and therapist is specially trained to work alongside our dentists to provide care for our patients and help achieve the results set out in our bespoke treatment plans. 
They also work on preventative measures, showing you good home care and supporting the health of your teeth and gums as well as carrying out particular dental treatments alongside your dentist. They can give your teeth a professional clean that removes plaque and tartar and teach you how to stay free of plaque to prevent gum disease. Regular visits to our hygienist puts you in the best position for detecting any oral health problems and preventing the need for costly dental treatments in the future. 
Here are just some of the benefits of making a regular visit to our hygienist: 
• Avoid bleeding gums & other dental disorders 
• Have beautiful white, polished teeth 
• Ensure an optimal level of cleanliness and bacteria reduction 
• Preventing signs of premature ageing 
• We educate you on how to maintain healthy teeth for life 

Why Our Hygienist? 

Our approach is to achieve the highest level of hygiene during your treatment. 
Every step of your treatment is carried out under a powerful microscope. This ensures that any tooth deposits are magnified 30 times the actual size, to reach the highest level of cleanliness possible. 
Here at Stanley Dental Practice, our Hygienist is experienced in thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums in all of those hard to reach areas which even the best of electronic toothbrushes cannot reach. While you will always leave us with fresher, cleaner smile, their job goes far beyond the superficial results and will remove harmful plaque and tartar which if left untreated, can cause periodontal disease. 
These are the steps we take to give you an excellent result: 
We remove any staining by a sandblasting; 
We remove any plaque and tartar (“calculus”), by descaling your teeth; 
We give you a smoother feel by polishing your teeth; 
We give you a deep clean to achieve the smoothest root surface possible; and finally 
We educate you in maintaining excellent oral health for life. 

Tackling tooth fissures 

Tooth fissures are tiny pits and groves that appear on the surface of the teeth and are extremely common especially on the back teeth and molars. It is easy to miss these narrow fissures with normal brushing which can cause harmful bacteria to build up in the gaps and deteriorate your teeth. Fissure sealants are a quick and comfortable preventative measure that can be applied by our friendly hygienist to prevent tooth decay. Your hygienist will be able to advise you if this is an appropriate treatment for your teeth at your next visit. 

Complete Oral Care 

We believe that prevention is always better than cure and identifying early signs of tooth decay or gum inflammation enables your practitioner to address any problems swiftly to prevent major treatments later on. 
As well as providing a thorough scale and polish, our hygienist will also provide a complete check of your overall oral health and provide you with tailored and individual advise on how to maintain the best oral health, from dietary changes to brushing and flossing more effectively. 
We will also take the time to talk to you about your diet and recommend changes that will help protect your teeth. Their advice will help you slow down tooth decay, and with regular visits, you will feel more confident about keeping your mouth in good health so call Stanley Dental Practice on 01562 515661 today to book an appointment to see how we can help you stay dentally fit for longer. 


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